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What more porn riches can the guys inside the network Reality Kings possibly have to offer? As you will soon find out with this website there is always something more and new to give out! Access is instant and you will find shuffled up content that shows different updates from different websites that they have. There are 36 websites and the amount of videos you get is bonkers – 9800+ videos inside the network. Now if one movie can take between 20-30 minutes to play, multiply that by the estimated number of movies, that equals between 196,000 to 294,000 minutes of porn action, and that is 3266 to 4900 hours of hardcore porn! That is just a small taste of what they have planned for you!

realitykingsIt seems that every year this network is able to improve on many things tremendously. For first timers, navigating inside is not a complex task. There is the menu where there is – Scenes, Girls, Sites, Member’s Area, Home, all neatly displayed. Everyday has a new update from some of the sites inside the network, these you get to peruse first. You will get big thumbnail preview and a long written description alongside the thumbnail. After the most current update, you will see featured content, girls, and a nice list of top categories.

You can trust this network to make different mainstream, fetish, hardcore, solo, orgies, and all other sexual niches that are out there! The list of their categories is damn right impressive. You can use other filters, name of model, keywords, links, and features inside the network to browse easily. Of course, your trip is much more fun when you have HD resolution videos, qualities of 720p and 1080p HD resolution. The films are produced by expert camera crews and editing teams. You get mobile formats, multi formats for files, streaming and downloading, smaller clips and files, smaller resolution quality for some files.

The material comes with ratings and comments. The network also makes sure that they have the best variety of models riding hard cocks, making lesbian love, squirting, deep-throating, and taking part in various other things. They have different ladies, 18+ young legal teens, pornstars, milfs, amateurs, coeds, and so on. What is wrong with the network? Where are the disadvantages? Honestly, looking at what a new member gets in this package deal, some of the bad things inside seem a bit petty!

Anyways, some websites may not be doing any updating, you will find mid and SD resolution movies, and you need to check when you sign up that you do not get added things that you may not want! Who would tell you that joining with our Reality Kings discount is probably the best use of your time and bodily fluids…well, everybody would tell you this! Take a tour and get more information about them today.