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Many messages will only fall on deaf ears. The difference between ‘who you were’ and ‘who you are’ is simply the cataclysm of grammar. You are your past in the same way as the future belongs to your present. You can throw away things, give things you feel that you no longer need, but that does not make you any better than others. It actually makes others appear worse. So might as well do more than you say, stop all the resolutions and just live a truly progressive life. Stop cowering from women and let your inner beast flow through your veins. Let it be manifest. Let yourself be like every Casanova of the highly acclaimed DDF Network, which does not have a New Year’s resolution, but a lifelong resolve of bringing forth true pornographic entertainment.

ddfnetworkThings change, but not everything is up to us. It is not even up to God. The world will not change for those who don’t believe that it will because things don’t matter to them. To say that you have to let go of the past is to miss the point why we are here. It is not about changing things. It is not about embracing something new. It is simply about expanding your horizons as for every chicks-er out there, to find a new woman to fuck everyday and determine what’s different in each.

It’s not about falling in love either, but rising with self-love that can be felt with sincerity by every woman who will find herself feeling like they want to fuck you all the more. In the DDF, the women here present themselves as the non-aggressive type, until a match is light up with words that I believe would even be able to woo a woman to turning into a gay.

The point is that this is perhaps one of the most authentic erotic site I have ever stumbled upon. DDF Network is home to literally thousands of videos. All in the highest form of erotica, with stories that are from the perspective of men who have been tried by the hardships of broken relationships and forged by self-determination to fuck as many women as possible. 3,000 videos are currently injected in the database of this pure desire porn site.

Ranging from short clips to full movies, the quality of each vid can be adjusted to your liking. Download or stream or do both, that is all up to you. The greatest perks of being a member of this site, I believe, is the online forum that lets you interact even with the porn celebs themselves. DDF Network for me is indeed the best.